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Placement Services

Keepsake Choices - Placement Services

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Considering A Care Facility?

Many families come to the conclusion that the living situation of their loved is no longer safe and/or sustainable. The senior may require help with their personal needs and/or struggle with everyday chores, and even present a danger to themselves. The family caregivers may no longer be able to provide the necessary assistance, care, time or energy.

Often under stress of time and need, and experiencing the senior care world for the first time, families are now faced with the daunting process of choosing an assisted living residential care or senior care facility. In this situation it can be extremely helpful (and reassuring) to have an experienced professional by your side during this critical decision making time.

The Advantages of Placement Services

We are very proud to introduce you to our placement services, and the passion we have to help seniors and their families. Our placement services include:

  • Interview families extensively to uncover exactly what services are needed.
  • Set up appointments with appropriate facilities, then accompany our clients on tours of those facilities.
  • Provide knowledge and experience about senior care. Often, we ask the necessary questions our client may not even know they need to ask.
  • Help families find additional financing - Veterans Aid & Attendance, Supplemental Social Security, Medical support.

Our Goal Is To Help You

Our mission is to assist in the process of making, what is for many, a very difficult decision. We do this by filling the role of a researcher, facilitator and counselor - providing knowledge, experience and expertise.

The next step is for you to call our knowledgeable and helpful staff, and ask the specific questions that are on your mind.

(Placement services are compensated by our participating communities.)