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We invite you to browse through our library of informational materials that address issues of importance to seniors (and their families/caregivers). Just click on a title to view and/or print a newsette - 1 page, 1 topic, quick to read newsletters.
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Vision Loss
[Newest Topic]
'Living' With Less Sight
Accomplishments Can-Do Seniors
Arthritis This Joint Is Getting To Me
Assessment Time To Ask For Help?
Balance Always Walking A Tightrope
Caregiver Issues Beware Of Burnout
Cognition Exercise The Brain
Comfort/Temperature I'm Awfully Cold

I'm Awfully Warm

Companionship Keep People In Your Life
Dementia and the Family Getting A Message Through
Digestion Heartburn
Falls Falling Down Goes Up With Age
Family Family & Relationships
Fibromyalgia It's Called Fibro What?
Flu It's A Common Cold

It's Not "Just" The Flu

Frailty Dealing With Frailty
Holiday - 2015 Gift Ideas For Seniors - 2015

Holiday Message - 2015

Holiday - 2016 Holiday Message - 2016

Gift Ideas For Seniors - 2016

Memory Seniors Work Harder To Remember
Nutrition Susceptible To Poor Nutrition

Give Your Engine The Right Fuel

Osteoporosis Osteoporosis
Safety Improve Your Odds
Senses: Smell & Taste Suffering From Poor Taste?
Sleep Sleeping Isn't So Simple
Stress There Is Stress In Our Lives
Transitioning Transitioning - A Part Of Life
Transportation A Little Extra Effort
Water and Hydration Dehydration
Weight Unintentional Weight Loss
Worth and Regard R-E-S-P-E-C-T