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Billing Options That Fit Needs

We do our best at Keepsake Companions to accommodate the service requirements of our clients while charging a fair price for our in home care expertise. That's why we offer three different billing options.

  • Hourly - Clients are charged by the hour and billed for services based on hours worked. (We do have a 4 hour minimum requirement per visit.)
  • Daily - These rates are typically more advantageous when a client requires around the clock care or supervision, and are determined on an individual basis. (We do factor in that our caregiver has break periods, food provided and sleeping time.
  • Joint Services - These rates are for clients with spouses, siblings or family who also require services (in the same home). In these circumstances, we determine the rate based on the individual requiring the highest level of services, then charge a minimal second person fee.

Payment & Assistance

MediCare does not cover in home care services. So most clients pay privately for our services. However, there are resources that maybe of help.

We highly recommend you discuss utilizing these resources with other family members, as well as your financial planner, attorney and/or tax advisor.