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Domestic Companions

Caregiver Services - Domestic Companion

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Just Enough Personal Assistance

Some seniors can stay at home if they just have some help in specific areas affected by their limitations or disabilities. They do not require a caregiver, per se. Instead, what they prefer is a conscientious, alert companion who builds their confidence, keeps a watchful eye, and fills in where and when needed. Below are useful details about our work as our domestic companions in Greater San Diego, CA, and information about what to expect when working with us.

Building a Relationship First

When it comes to being a home-based assistant for your loved one, building a relationship with him or her is our number one priority. Being introduced to a brand new face—someone who is in their view suddenly helping them with tasks—can be a confusing experience for seniors.

By first taking time to help them feel seen, heard, and validated, this produces trust and familiarity—two characteristics that foster success in companionship. It’s through this trust that our domestic companions in Greater San Diego, CA, can understand where assistance is most needed, as well as the right times to offer that assistance.

What to Expect

Getting started with our elderly companion services is as simple as going through our time-tested process. Sometimes, your loved one will be happy to receive the help that they’re aware they need. In other instances, the introduction of an assistant can be marked by a bit of resistance.

We work with both you and your loved one to build a hybrid approach for our services. As mentioned above, we always want to help our clients feel safe and comfortable, so trust-building is number one. At the same time, we understand that it’s useful to have background knowledge from family members, so we can fill in gaps in knowledge where need be.

Ways We Can Help

Our Domestic Companion program provides an experienced, personal assistant who knows when to allow a senior to handle tasks for themselves and when to help. Common responsibilities include:

  • Helping Around the House and With Chores
  • Running Errands
  • Shopping With (Or For) A Senior
  • Driving to Appointments and Social Commitments
  • Assisting With (Or Preparing) Delicious Meals
  • Keeping Company During A Hospital/Facility Stay
  • And We Do the Laundry Too!!

Domestic Companion

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