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Care Protect – Covid-19 Program

Disease Mitigation for the Elderly

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In mid-March 2020, the novel coronavirus upended life as we all knew it, and Greater San Diego, CA, is no exception. With California seeing some of the largest numbers of COVID-19 cases in the United States, it’s more important than ever before to exercise mindfulness and enact health precautions—especially for the seniors in our lives.

Keepsake Companions has been quick to implement a plan specifically for these times, which we’ve called Care Protect. Below, you’ll find additional details about our disease mitigation for the elderly in Greater San Diego, CA.

Taking Extra Precautions Is Essential

We are very aware of the risks posed by the COVID-19 crisis and are concerned for the safety of all our clients and caregivers. So, we have implemented the Care Protect program in coordination with the Honor Care Network. This includes our caregivers:

  • Staying home if they show any symptoms.
  • Answering qualifying health questions before entering a client’s home.
  • Performing a temperature check.
  • Wearing KN, N95, or surgical masks, depending on individual situations.
  • Wearing gloves and gowns, if needed.

Thinking Ahead in All Scenarios

It’s just as important to help prevent the spread of disease as it is to reduce the likelihood of it happening again. Keepsake Companions has adopted staff procedures to reduce disease risk during and after interacting with clients. This includes actions such as washing hands as soon as employees arrive at a client’s home, increasing the amount of communication for clients, and engaging in post-symptom clearance. The latter involves passing health-related checks to ensure there’s no likelihood of a staff member transferring a disease strain to a client.

Even with the above precautions, we don't stop there. You can find additional info about our disease mitigation for the elderly in Greater San Diego, CA, when you click on our Care Protect program description above.

Care Protect Program

Program Description

Click to see and print more details of our Care Protect program.

Care Protect - Covid-19 Protection Program