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Senior Companion Caregivers in Greater San Diego, CA

The Caregiving Experience, Compassion, and Passion You Are Looking For

Helping Families Provide In-Home Care For Their Loved Ones

It can be difficult for a senior who has been independent all their life to ask for or accept help. Additionally, it can be challenging for a family member to provide that help while dealing with other responsibilities and obstacles such as work, limited resources, and/or inexperience with issues faced by the elderly family member. And the tension created by one or both can make life very unpleasant.

Clients love that our senior companion caregivers in Greater San Diego, CA, serve a dual purpose. Our conscious caregivers provide the care needed (right in your home) while upholding and preserving your loved one’s dignity and self-esteem. They also help family members maintain their personal bonds and meet their other individual responsibilities with less stress and more energy.

Most importantly, we help families spend more quality time together. Instead of focusing on chores and needs, they can relax more and enjoy one another’s company.

KeepsCaregiKeeever Tip - Bonding

Keepsake Companions understand the importance of focus and eye contact in maintaining dignity and self-esteem.


The 3 Biggest Reasons To Choose Keepsake Companions

Choosing a senior companion caregiver is a stressful task, especially if you have not been in this position before. Our clients wonder what expertise and experience they should look for. We help them by providing evidence and honesty. You will see this throughout our website and feel it when you speak and meet with us.

You will also sense it from the three priorities that set us apart from other senior companion caregiver services in Greater San Diego, CA:

1. Matching – We take the time to match your loved one and family with a caregiver that fits your care and social needs. For example, if you feel more comfortable being around high energy people, we will provide a caregiver that is upbeat and encourages activity.

2. Conscious Caregiving – We practice awareness. Our experience allows us to pick up on daily physical, mental and emotional changes. Our flexibility allows us to make adjustments to make each day more pleasant and fulfilling. At the same time, we keep family members and medical professionals aware of these changes and work with the team to make needed adjustments to the personal care plan.

3. Tasty Cooking – A big part of the day is mealtimes. We make tasty, home-cooked meals. We realize how important “comfort foods” are to seniors and look to prepare what makes them happy. And we understand the importance of proper nutrition. Of course, it helps to have a trained Chef as one of the Keepsake Companions owners – Henri Chazaud.

Take a couple of minutes to see and hear Kristen Chazaud, owner of Keepsake Companions, speak passionately about creating a world that really respects and cares for its elders (above) and learn about the mission of Keepsake Companions (below).