Support Services

Help At Your Fingertips

The organizations and professionals on this page provide knowledge and experience to seniors and their caregivers. They may offer videos/DVD's, audio tapes, books, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines and help lines. Many offer services and products. Some offer websites, which makes much of their information available right now!

Also, if these resources cannot help you with a specific issue, many times they can point you in the direction of the information or solution you are trying to find.

Of course, you can always feel free to give us a call us at (902) 838-4298. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

1-800-MEDICARE (Esp)

Phone: (800) 633-4227

TTY: 1-877-486-2048


Information on Medicare benefits and drug discount cards.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Esp)

Phone: (800) 358-9295

TTY: (888) 586-6340


Free information on health care for seniors.

Aid & Attendance Benefit

197 Woodland Parkway, Suite 104-2121

San Marcos, CA 92069

Phone: (877) 741-0696


James Buchanan is a Retirement Income Specialist who specializes it the Aid & Attendance Benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that is available to war era veterans and their surviving spouses. This benefit can help with long-term care costs.

AIS - Aging and Independence Services

Phone: 800-510-2020


This is San Diego’s Area Agency on Aging. AIS provides services to older adults, people with disabilities and their family members, to help keep clients safely in their homes, promote healthy and vital living, and publicize positive contributions made by older adults and persons with disabilities.

American Board of Medical Specialties

Phone: (866) 275-2267


Information about specialists' training.

American Chronic Pain Association

Phone: (916) 632-0922 (Not toll-free)


Support and information for people with chronic pain .

American College of Surgeons (Esp)

Phone: (800) 621-4111


Information on common operations and choosing a surgeon.

AT Network (Esp)

Phone: (800) 390-2699

TTY: (800) 900-0706


Information on equipment for seniors/people with disabilities.

C2 Financial Corporation

10509 Vista Sorento Pkwy, #200

San Diego, CA 92121.

Phone: (858) 829-3015


William Oxidine, CSA is a Reverse Mortgage Consultant.

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (Esp)

Phone: (800) 474-1116


Find a nursing home and get help if you have a problem.

California Foundation for Independent Living Ctr.

1234 H Street, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95814-1912

Phone: (916) 325-1690 (Not toll free)

TTY: (916) 325-1695


Resources for people with disabilities.

California Hospital Association

Phone: (800) 494-2001


Free Advance Health Care Directive forms.

California Office of Patients' Rights

100 Howe Ave., Suite 210N

Sacramento, CA 95825-8202

Phone: ( 916) 575-1610 (Not toll free)


Website: COPR website

Advocacy for patients hospitalized with mental illness. The California Office of Patients' Rights (COPR) is a unit within Disability Rights California.

California Registry

Phone: (800) 777-7575


Information on hospice and long-term care.

Caregiver Coalition of San Diego


The Caregiver Coalition mission is to identify and address the needs of Caregivers through advocacy efforts and collaboration of a broad coalition membership in order to improve the overall quality of life for Caregivers, their families and the community.

Clinical Trials


Information on clinical trials.

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency

Phone: (877) 322-7299

TTY: (877) 322-7288


Resources for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Disability Rights Advocates


Information on health care rights for people with disabilities.

Elder Help of San Diego

3860 Calle Fortunada Suite 101
San Diego, Ca. 92123
Phone: (619) 284-9281


ElderHelp provides personalized services and information to help San Diego’s seniors stay in their homes, remain independent and live with dignity. Services include companionship, transportation, home sharing, and other support services.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Phone: (800) 445-8106


Information and resources for family caregivers.

Health Consumer


Health care information in different languages.



Easy-to-use health website.



Information on California HMOs and hospitals.

Support Services

HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy)

Phone: (800) 434-022


Free information and help with Medicare.

HMO Help Center

Phone: (888) 466-2219

TTY: (877) 688-9891


Information about Cal-COBRA.

Hospice of the North Coast

2525 Pio Pico Drive, Suite 301

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: (760) 431-4100



Their mission is to help people have a peaceful life through death experience. This includes providing exemplary service to all of their patients, and being fully aware of the needs of all individuals involved in the transition process. Alan Watt is the Community Liaison. Clients are the individuals of North San Diego County.

Judi Bonilla & Company

Phone: (619) 742-3368


Judi Bonilla is a lifestyle aging expert & gerontologist. She specializes in the field of aging over the lifespan and is an advocate for empowered aging. She is the founder of Advocates For Aging and the non-profit Advocates For Aging Cares.

Lab Tests Online


A guide to understanding lab test results.


Phone: (800) 841-1602

TTY: (800) 881-5980


Help with hospital, nursing home and rehab discharge problems.

National Immunization Hotline

Phone: (800) 232-2522

TTY: (800) 243-7889


Recommended shots for people of all ages.

National Institute on Aging


Information on many health conditions.

National Mental Health Association

Phone: (800) 969-6642

TTY: (800) 433-5959


Information, advocacy and referrals.

Office of the Patient Advocate

Phone: (866) HMO-8900

TTY: (877) 688-9891


Report cards on HMOs and Medical Groups.

Poison Action Line

Phone: (800) 876-4766

TTY: (800) 972-3323


Emergency help for victims of poisoning.

Protection & Advocacy

Phone: (800) 776-5746

TTY: (800) 649-0154


Legal help for people with disabilities.

San Diego County Council on Aging

302 Washington Ave., PMB 436

San Diego, CA 92103


A multidisciplinary organization that promotes education, awareness, and networking in San Diego County to enhance the quality of life for seniors.

Senior Information and Referral

Phone: (800) 510-2020


Local services for seniors.

Social Security Administration

Phone: (800) 772-1213

TTY: (800) 325-0778


Information on getting Social Security and Medicare.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center (SCRC)

3675 Ruffin Rd., # 230

San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: (858) 268-4432

Website: SCRC Facebook Page

SCRC assists family caregivers who provide care for frail, older adults or adults with chronic and disabling conditions or diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and brain injury. Assistance is provided through assessment,care planning, case management, counseling and caregiver training. Other support services including support groups and respite are also available.

ST. Paul's PACE

ST. Paul's PACE Pavillion

111 Elm Street

San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 677-3800

Fax: (619) 677-3888



St. Paul’s PACE is a non-profit Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) health plan for seniors age 55 and older who prefer not to move into a nursing home but whose health problems make it impossible for them to stay at home without the help of caregivers.

State Insurance Hotline

Phone: (800) 927-4357

TTY: (800) 482-4833


Find information on long-term care insurance.

State Ombudsman Crisis Line

Phone: (800) 231-4024

San Diego Office: (800) 640-4661

TTY: (916) 928-2511 (Not toll-free)

Website: Ombudsman Program

Information, resources and hotline on elder abuse and quality of care.

U.S. Dept. of Labor (Pension & Welfare Benefits)

Phone: (866) 444-3272

TTY: (800) 326-2996


Information about COBRA.