~ Domestic Companion - San Diego County ~

Just Enough Personal Assistance

Some seniors can stay at home if they just have some help is specific areas affected by their limitations or disabilities. They do not require a caregiver, per se. Instead, what they prefer is a conscientious, alert companion who builds their confidence, keeps a watchful eye, and fills in where and when needed.

Our Domestic Companion program provides an experienced, personal assistant who knows when to allow a senior to do for themselves and when to offer assistance. Common responsibilities include:

  • Helping Around The House & With Chores
  • Running Errands
  • Shopping With (Or For) A Senior
  • Driving To Appointments & Social Commitments
  • Assisting With (Or Preparing) Delicious Meals
  • Keeping Company During A Hospital/Facility Stay
  • And We Do The Laundry Too!!!

Personal Companionship