~ Cuisine - Cooking For Seniors ~

Special Training To Cook For Seniors

Our Keepsake Cuisine program is unique to in home care. First of all, it teaches the proper preparation of tasty, balanced, nutritious meals. On its own, this attention to detail is a huge plus when caring for seniors.

At the same time, we educate our Companions to address issues important to the elderly (and their families) while they are cooking for our clients. This focus sets Keepsake Cuisine apart from senior care norm and transforms our Companions into Culinary Companions.

We Take Nothing For Granted

Our culinary training program takes nothing for granted. We drill on sanitation, teach the basics and science of food preparation, and provide guidance in meal planning.

In addition, we focus on the "art" of cooking. Our Culinary Companions are taught how to present food in an appetizing way. They learn to blanche certain vegetables so that the vegetables stop cooking and retain natural flavor and proper texture. They are schooled on roasting, poaching, sautéing and so much more.

We Blend Cooking With Care

When cooking for seniors, it is very important to focus on the person, as well as the food. Seniors may have issues that affect what they can and will eat. These can include:

  • Difficulties in chewing & swallowing.
  • Losses of appetite, the sense of smell and/or the sense of taste.
  • Illnesses that limit what can be served and dictate how food is prepared.

Our Keepsake Cuisine training addresses these issues.

Guided By Our Executive Chef

Executive Chef, Henri Chauzard, shares his wealth of culinary and senior care knowledge and experience with our Companions. See his list of accomplishments and listen to him talk about his kinship with seniors on the Our Staff page.

Henri puts a lot of thought and experience into designing our Keepsake Cuisine program, and creating menus and recipes for individual seniors.

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