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Conscious Caregiving

Importance of Conscious Caregiving

Our Caregiving Is Very Personal

There are specific principles that guide great caregiving. However, there is no one formula. Every senior is an individual with unique challenges. Every family is faced with their own myriad of situations. And every day is a new day.

Our Keepsake Companions in home care for your loved one will be different from all of our previous clients. Oh, we will tap into our vast experience. But that will allow us to design and implement a care plan that is one-of-a-kind and personal for you.

This is driven by our philosophy of Conscious Caregiving. This makes us sensitive to both individual needs and change. You will sense this right away from the three priorities that set us apart from other caregiving providers.

  1. Awareness - Our caregivers realize there can be daily physical, mental and emotional changes that occur in those they care for. They are trained to look for these changes and to take notice of what is not being said. They keep members of the care team (Keepsake Companions, medical professionals, client family member(s) informed. And they have the experience to make adjustments to address these changes.
  2. Flexibility - Every day is different for the seniors in our care and their family members. So caregiving can not be cookie cutter in style. That's why we have designed Keepsake Companions on flexibility. We anticipate care plans are going to adapt over time. We adjust scheduling to accommodate clients. We modify the day's agenda based on the daily physical, mental and emotional needs of those in our care.
  3. Teamwork - We understand that providing great care requires teamwork. We share our awareness with medical professionals, keeping them informed so care plans can be adjusted as needed. We keep families informed. It's a kind thing to do. And it improves care. We have found that this keeps their level of trust in us high and increases their support the care plan.

We do it all with a smile because it is all in the best interest of those in our care. And we receive the reward of seeing our clients relax, maintain/build their family bonds and enjoy one another's company.

Conscious Caregiving

Our Story

Incredible Things Happen

There was a woman who didn’t speak for years. She would moan and tear up. I spent two hours with her and eventually started singing nursery rhymes. When I sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, she started singing with me. It turns out, she used to be a preschool teacher and we tapped into long term memories. Nursery rhyme sing-a-longs were then built into her care plan. When we followed this with calls to her daughter, she would speak and tell her “I love you.” So touching, so rewarding. If you love someone in the areas that are love-lacking, incredible things do happen.

Kristen Chazaud – Owner