~ Comfort Care Companion ~

We Provide Comfort & Care

For those with a terminal illness that does not respond to cure-oriented treatment, we team up with medical organizations and professionals to offer hospice care. This program focuses on "palliative" care. The theory is to treat the person, not the incurable disease. The aim is to enhance the personís comfort and improve the quality of their remaining days, or months, or even years on earth.

Our Comfort Care Companion program:

  • Emphasizes the management of pain and the relief of discomfort.
  • Provides emotional, social and spiritual support to the senior and their family during the ill person's last days and their passing in their own home.

The Comfort Care Companion program does not prolong life or hasten death.

It Takes A Team Approach

Providing hospice care takes an interdisciplinary team approach. The family designates a primary decision maker/contact. They are guided and aided by a support team that can incorporate a wide variety of specialists.

Team members can include:

  • Personal Physician
  • Volunteers (Trained in hospice care.)
  • Hospice Nurses
  • Hospice Physician.
  • Member Of The Clergy
  • Local Support Group
  • Social Workers

To learn more about hospice care, click to visit the National Hospice Foundation website. They are "committed to compassionate care at the end of life".

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